Oracle Technology for SaaS Platform Development

In today’s world, the impact of digitization and globalization has drastically modified and changed the way we work. Oracle’s SaaS Platform helps enterprises build, deploy, integrate and secure advanced applications which enable you to more efficiently manage all your enterprise systems. It helps to manage API-based services and leverages these resources to ensure the betterment of business. Modern cloud applications from Oracle help you to handle and manage all aspects of the business on a unified platform.

The benefits of choosing Oracle Cloud for SaaS solutions: Oracle offers a suite of SaaS business applications, and gives customers a complete end-to-end cloud solution. Software as a service (SaaS) allows users to subscribe and use application software in the cloud. Here are a few benefits of using Oracle technologies for SaaS platform.

Reduced Costs: Every business enterprise wants to develop something great but at a lower cost. Oracle Cloud provides a subscription based, on-demand platform that helps enterprises realize significant savings in terms of both time and cost. Oracle Cloud Platform reduces the cost through automated processes, including manual operations by staff, hardware and physical facilities, ongoing maintenance, and more. It also provides the most compatible lifecycle management for your entire business environment.

Integrated Cloud Platform: This refers to the combination of technologies which enterprises can use to connect applications and systems from anywhere and at any time. Integration also provides access between different cloud providers and platforms, as well as local or cloud-based environments. Cloud integration has enabled enterprises to use highly scalable resources and services on demand, and manage the business.

Flexibility and Efficiency: By leveraging new technology, Oracle Cloud Platform takes action in real time to improve businesses’ process automation. With this automation process, it takes a few moments to upgrade your system as per your business need, without impacting the upgradability of SaaS applications.

Security and Performance: Leveraging multi-layered security, Oracle Cloud Platform protects data in a simple and easy way. Oracle is responsible for providing a secure network infrastructure, along with a multi-layered security system that helps increase business performance.

Chetu’s Case Study for Creating a SaaS Platform with Oracle Technology:

At Chetu, we have experienced developers to program on-demand cloud based solutions, as per client requirements. Chetu’s developers develop customized SaaS platforms where clients can easily manage API services for their merchants. Chetu provides custom solutions fooracle 12 cr payment technology and transaction processing as per client business needs. To learn more, check out this SaaS case study.