In 2018, Inject More Love Into This World!

My New Year Resolution

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The Crowded Lift

Standing steadily behind my son’s pram, I waited patiently at the MRT lift lobby for the lift to arrive. To my horror, when it arrived, it was filled with people. Amongst the many people in the lift were able bodied adults capable of travelling down using the escalator.

I gestured assertively towards the sign on the side of the lift that stipulated that the lift was reserved for prams, pregnant women and elderly during peak hours.

Then, I suggested politely that someone should exit the lift and take the escalator instead. No one moved. For a good five seconds, twenty pairs of stoned eyes stared at me without action.

Soon, a lady reached towards the close door button to shut the lift door at my face. I was horrified. I was determined not to start the day on the wrong note. Quickly, I reached for the open door button and pressed it repeatedly. The door reopened.

“How about we move in a little so that my pram can fit in?” I suggested. The zombie ‘red sea’ parted and I slotted myself and my son (in his pram) into the lift and headed down towards the MRT level.


Immediately after the incident, I was very tempted to respond negatively — To WhatsApp my husband to complain about the inconsiderate behavior of train commuters in Singapore.

Nonetheless, by some grace of God, I was able to resist that temptation. I thought that if I had submitted to my knee jerk reaction of complaining, it would have done no good to the world at all — I would have just injected more hate into this world.

Indeed, when I looked into the blank tired eyes of all those in the lift, I saw for a very brief moment the pain they were going through. I started to consider that perhaps the commuters were sleep deprived and had a tough morning at home. Perhaps they were able-bodied physically but mentally, they were not in the best place.

What they needed was compassion not hate.

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The Five Love Languages

Gary Chapman wrote a wonderful book on the five love languages. Incidentally, the five love languages are — receiving gifts, words or affirmation, physical touch, acts of services and quality time.

I believe that in everyone of us lies the ability to express these love languages with great mastery. Yet, very little of us bother to develop the skills to do so.

Most of the time, we are focused on being bitter about not receiving the love that we deserve. We are so busy being bitter that we forget to hone the skills of loving others.

The Gratuitous Gift

This Christmas, I received a gift and some food from a neighbour. It was gratuitous and unexpected. In return, I bought some snacks at the supermarket for the kind lady.

When I was at the supermarket, it occured to me that I should prepare a few more snack packs (I.e. Receiving gifts) for my other neighbours; and so I did. In the snack packs, I included a short note wishing them Merry Christmas. (I.e. Words of affirmation)

When I delivered the snack packs to the neighbours, I could see their faces light up. I felt great joy.

It was amazing to see how the simple deed of receiving a gift from one neighbour could inspire me to give gifts and in return open the floodgates of joy in my own heart.

I pondered about what great good I could do in the future if I focus on loving others; on honing my abilities to love others using the 5 love languages.


In the year head, let us all focus on loving others. Let us inject more love into this world and not spend a single second injecting hate and judgement.

A small act of kindness can be a great catalyst that contributes towards the greater good of this world.