Want Your Children to Survive The Future? Send Them to Art School
Dustin Timbrook

I went to art college when I was just 15 and have spent my entire life (I am now 60) earning a living through being creative. I have been fortunate to have enjoyed every job that I have had, including my present one which is running art workshops for children. Unfortunately, art is is not valued in most primary schools and is virtually non existent in the curriculum.

This a great pity as being ‘creative’ is not only immensely satisfying, it is fundamental to the learning process . Encouraging creativity can help children learn transferable skills, including developing problem solving abilities and techniques that will be useful to them across all areas of learning.

Art is also a ‘language’ of the world and increasingly most of what we interact with and learn from is ‘visual’ and therefore the ability to think in new, creative and original ways is an especially important skill for the 21st century.

Also, the reality is that in the future many people will be spending less time working and will have more time on their hands; how better to spend it than being creative!

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