So Many Things Gall Me

8.28.17 Monday

This is a weird time to be alive. Maybe life has always felt like this. Every day I am left speechless having to live each day as though I am in a charade. I know we’re playing a game, but the people around me, the people on television, on the radio, in the stores, in the offices, on the streets, in their cars, at the beach, everywhere, people everywhere, they don’t know that they are playing a game. It may be more accurate to say, the game is being played on them. But they don’t know it.

The people who are playing them are playing a game of pretend. They’re actors in a script just like you see in a movie. You believe those actors don’t you? You sometimes even cry over the roles they play, or you get angry or sad, or frightened. You really get into the story and sometimes talk about it for days. Sometimes those characters can be so real. Well that’s what politics is also all about only you don’t realize that it’s just acting. It’s not real. It’s all made up. Just like a movie. The two parties while at home and not acting, are actually friends and hang out together, on the golf course, their kid’s schools, at parties. Some people don’t realize that World Wide Wresting is pretend. It’s just an act. So are the ball games. Well politics is like that too.

Everyone I know is playing a game except a very few who know how the people are manipulated into not knowing it’s a game.

And when people speak to me, they are speaking to me from within the game, from within not knowing it’s a game. But I know it’s just a game and they talk as though they really believe what they’re told by the game. It is interesting to find out why people do this. I feel it’s because every weakness is being reaped, harvested, stolen. Or you could say raped. You could say that because…people are taking advantage of others, of huge populations, of millions of people, billions even, due to their not knowing, due to their belief systems which they rarely question. What runs in our minds is most likely a program. That program is being manipulated by others…but you are the ultimate programmer. If only you knew it…

It wouldn’t matter that people were out there to deliberately do this to others, it only works when everyone complies with their directives. If people just ignored them, they would literally go away. But people don’t. For a start, everyone complains that Washington is deranged. But everyone funds them by paying taxes. Some even pay fines! That’s like paying for your own bondage!

So many follow belief systems they are barely aware of. Those belief systems have been implanted into our psyche from the moment we were born. Many of them begin when we were only babies. As a youngster, our mind is like a clean disc and our environment implants thoughts and feelings that get written on the disc. On the disc are our experiences and everything we take in around us. We are not aware of all the data that our minds take in. Much of it is not at the forefront of our consciousness but it is there nonetheless. Symbols are used as subliminal signals to trigger feelings or thoughts that a person is not aware of receiving. Techniques like this are used constantly in advertising. Advertisers work to manipulate you into buying their product (they don’t really care about your complexion) Again, it’s just pretend, they are actors and artists and good talkers that do this. If you didn’t brush your teeth with their brand they wouldn’t care. They only care because they are part of a company. We all know about advertising, and we all hate it. But it continues to bombard us anyway.

It appalls me constantly that people are so blasé about being advertised to night and day without a word of irritation. I could literally break a window when I hear advertising of any kind. And now we have to endure it some more while we’re filling up for gas. Is no ground sacred when it comes to where advertising will go in order to rape us? Why is everyone so ok about it? Everyone is so ok about being raped in the ears and the eyes constantly. We’re also raped in the lungs with the burning of fossil fuels and raped in the bloodstream by fluoride being added to the water. But that’s another story not advertising, that is something that’s not advertised. See what I mean how I can’t go anywhere without wanting to scream this stuff from the rafters. Why is everyone acting so unconcerned?

I have to mind how I say things because people get bent out of shape if I say something about this insane matrix. They babble on about a great program on green energy here or a great workshop there. And they really think that they’re doing a great job getting things through Congress for renewable energy and all those good things that anyone with half a brain would have recognized decades ago, but we’re still fighting for. Nobody seems to notice that. Solar panels are the size they were in the 70’s, don’t tell me we haven’t come a lot further in that technology since then? We’ve certainly come a long way in weapons technology…why the lag in areas that would actually do something to change the world for everybody’s benefit?

People are still writing to their Congresscritters and still getting nowhere but doing it just the same. Why not — they retort, it will show I am doing something. Oh I don’t even know where to begin with this one.

All the antics you see on television, of Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, the whole managerie. Remember they are actors performing to a script. The script comes about from analyzing our data (the stuff they steal from us everyday) and then go and project it into scenarios that will have the effect desired. And they have well-paid programmers and big installations of them. The technology today in Artificial Intelligence is highly advanced and is capable of predicting accurately. When your behavior can be predicted, that is essentially total control of you. While I’m at it, before I go forgetting…corporations should have to pay the taxpayer royalties for funding the invention and development of the internet. But they have you thinking that you’re getting it for free. No. You funded it. You’re like those angel investors that get a cut of whatever they invest in. Corporations get that cut when they invest in inventions they fund (or sponsor). Why aren’t the American taxpayers?

Because they are considered chumps. And watching them I can sometimes see why.

It’s really galling walking around and seeing so many people who are “out of it”. They just don’t know. They don’t know a thing. They are shopping, or biking, or restauranting or catching a bus, or being educated or working, or dancing or drinking at the bar. They don’t know that they are being controlled. They don’t know that when they were born their birth certificates created a security that is exchanged on the stock market and which can be found by the number on the certificate. They don’t know how money is created. They don’t know they’re being scammed from every direction and poisoned by their water, food and air.

Nowhere can I go where I can talk to people that know the game. There is nowhere I can speak to people like this in my normal life. I can however speak to people on facebook. I feel that is where I get my solace. To live in this open air asylum and having to shut my mouth so much, makes me just want to explode.

I know facebook is being surveilled. But that’s ok because I think we all have to learn to live in the open. But why should only government contractors be the ones to have our data? Why not open it up for all of us? So we might as well learn to live in the open (in our public personas). There is no such thing as privacy in the digital age. Living in the open is the only way to keep psychopaths at bay because psychopaths thrive in secrecy. Secrecy is their breeding ground. They shun exposure. You cannot eliminate psychopathy, you can only keep it at bay and reduce it. And today and throughout history, psychopaths rule the world.

So much is going on that people refuse to acknowledge. You only have to start talking about 9/11 to someone and they hush you up or get out of your proximity in breakneck speed. This is how many of us are living today, with this knowing about the game, but not being able to talk about its reality because everyone else wants to pretend it is true.