My new book! “Story Design: The Creative Way to Innovate”

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m publishing my first book, with Trena White and her wonderful team at Vancouver-based Page Two Strategies. (And yes, that’s why my blog has been so quiet!)

Story Design: The Creative Way to Innovate will be available this fall.

Want to know more? Read on or check out the short pitch video below.

For those who don’t know my work, this NOT a book about story telling. It’s a playbook for story-powered innovation. It’s a how to book — that brings the power and process of creatives like filmmakers — to leaders like you. To help you go beyond story telling — and learn to use story as a design tool. To innovate. Turn ideas into action. Develop your next big thing. And engage others in your quest.

Story Design is a playbook that gives you simple tools to create almost anything — from services and experiences — to campaigns and strategies. Even ready-to-share stories, like videos and presentations. And teaches you a new way to innovate along the way.

I know, I know. There are hundreds of books on story telling and thousands of experts teaching story courses. So, what’s the X factor here? What makes this book extraordinary?

This is the only book that teaches you how to design and innovate — by making better use of a superpower you already have. Narrative Intelligence.

What’s that? It’s something that we’re born with, that we all share. Something that goes far beyond simply telling stories.

Narrative intelligence (NI) is the way humans think, learn, analyze and remember experiences and information. It’s our innate ability to make sense of and solve complex problems through the lens of story.

NI is the foundation of our analytic and creative skills. Our natural design process. It’s an under-developed superpower with incredible potential — like a hidden core muscle that we don’t flex often enough.

NI is what enables you to turn on a TV show when it’s half over and figure out what’s going on. Analyze past behaviour of a competitor and predict her next move. Imagine the future and design a technology to make it real. Listen to customers describe a problem and zero in on the root cause. Laugh at a joke before the punchline because you know what’s coming. Cry when Simba loses his father and your heart breaks for him.

Narrative intelligence isn’t new. Neither is design. But no one has ever put them together before, to reveal their untapped potential.

This playbook works a bit like a narrative intelligence bootcamp, to help you go beyond story telling and fire up your NI muscles — to give you the hands-on tools you need to start thinking and working like a designer. So that you can discover how to use story as a platform for innovation.

Stay tuned for sneak peeks and information about how to pre-order.