Watershed Moments — My new writing habit

I know that I want to write more. Yet, despite having interesting writing contracts, I struggle to create the time. Think I need new habits. So am setting up this notebook to try to do daily warm-ups: 10–15 minutes writing short pieces to share. It’s that thing where sitting down to write has become so big in my mind — everything has to be cleared away before I can do it. And that never happens.

So I’m channeling Stephen King (!) and starting to see if I can create a habit. And be a writer again (not a consultant). Maximum 15 minutes in the morning (before emails and social media). Whatever’s on my mind. It may get personal! And I have to remind myself — that’s okay. Being vulnerable is good. My personality is part of my professional brand.

These are my watershed moments.

Originally published at www.denisewithers.com on February 5, 2015.