Extra for a College degree? Well wait, here’s an extra fee you have to pay before you graduate.

University prices have been rising through the years, but what we didn’t know is that there are extra fees that tag along once attending college. Think of the extra fees you have to pay for besides tuition like campus specific fees, housing fees, and even graduation fees.

In this case we’ll be looking at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) extra fees you didn’t even bother to think to pay or need as a student here.

Tuition at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) as undergraduate student totals up to $3,174 if taking less than 6 credits to $5,472 for 6.1 or more credits, stated in this years “2017–18 Tuition, Fees, and Deadlines.” catalog on the CSUMB website. Although the tuition and fees are subject to change at anytime.

All students attending CSUMB besides having to pay for tuition are all required to pay the campus specific fees regards to how many units are taken during the semester.

Down below is a list of the campus specific fees or you can click on the link below for more.

Materials, services, and facilities fee
Student health services fee
Student mental health services fee
Associate student body fee
Sports, recreation, and leisure activity fee- IRA free
Student Union fee
Total campus-specific fees


Did you also know you had to pay in order to graduate?

Daphne Flores, Human and Communications major mentions that she didn’t know about paying for graduation as well she doesn’t think students who attend CSUMB know either. “I didn’t know and the actual graduation process once you’ve taken your classes is not something I think students are very informed about” says Flores.

The graduation fees conclude your graduation application fee, a late fee, and graduation date change. In order for you to graduate; you must first apply and pay for the application fee which is $40. If students end up turning their graduation application passed the deadline date assign then they’ll be charged an extra $20 plus the $40 application fee.The fee for a graduate date change is $20 if the student decides he or she want’s to graduate during another time.

Do you think we should pay for graduation even though we are already paying for tuition?

“Having to pay for graduation seems like another cost that burdens students. Especially when considering that graduating means we need to figure out living expenses after college” mentions Flores.

Isaac Castillo, HCOM major mentions he doesn’t think we should pay for graduation. Castillo asks,“What does our thousands of dollars go to if we still are nickeled and dimed for every little thing?

Not only do students think that we shouldn’t pay for graduation but are asking where is the money we are paying go too.

Deadlines to turn in the graduation application are listed below. Make sure you make the deadlines in order to avoid a late fee.

Fall 2017
Application Period: December 1, 2016 — May 31, 2017

Spring and Summer 2018
Application Period: May 1st, 2017 — November 30, 2017

Housing Fee’s

When living on main campus at CSUMB not only will you be paying for housing, but it’s also mandatory for you to purchase a meal plan. The only three options of housing that doesn’t require students to purchase a meal plan is to live in Strawberry Apartments in North Quad, East Campus, or in Promontory. Although if want to purchase a meal plan not to worry, there are commuter plans available for students who commute to CSUMB.

What do you think of housing fees? Did you think of having to buy a meal plan when living on main campus?

Ari Merpour, Biology major states “I think housing fees are messed up because you think you’re paying less, but with the meal plan you end up paying the same amount and if you are going to be eating off campus then it really isn’t worth it to have housing with the meal plan because you end up losing more money than you would be saving.”

The fact that dinner and lunch are still each a block, but the prices are different for someone without a meal plan which they can do breakfast for like $7 and dinner is $10.

“If there were more options on campus maybe it would be more useful, but since we only have three places to go (Dining Commons, Otter Express, Montes) the choices are so limited that you end up regretting your entire life” Merpour mentions.

This is just a few of the extra fees at Cal State University, Monterey Bay that we didn’t even consider of paying or even paying in order to graduate.