Buy tokens with Gnosis LightWallet

If you want to prepare yourself and create and fund a LightWallet that you can easily use in the token auction, go to and generate and fund a wallet. Wallets are compatible if you download the wallet from Singular and upload it to Gnosis.

First, you will be asked to generate a new account or to restore an old one.

Click on generate and start moving your mouse to generate entropy. You will get a seed phrase, please save it! Protect your new account with a password, and finally click on Create wallet. At the end of the process you will need to download your wallet or send it by email (recommended).

These are steps to ensure that your wallet is properly saved. After that, you will be asked to restore your wallet, you can use your pass phrase or the wallet backup file as well.

Great! You have finally created your wallet and can join the auction. Below is an overview of your account.

LightWallet overview

In order to buy tokens, please go to Buy tokens section, place the ETH amount and click on Buy button. You will be asked to confirm your action by typing your password. Remember that a small portion of the amount is used by Ethereum as Gas. The Buy tokens section lists your total committed ETH and your total GNO tokens you will receive at the current price. The number of GNO tokens will go up until the auction is over. When the auction is over GNO tokens can be claimed and will show up in the GNO balance of your Ethereum wallet.

Click on Transaction history to view a list of your sent transactions.

Transaction history


GNO tokens are functional utility tokens within the Gnosis platform. GNO tokens are not securities. GNO tokens are non-refundable. GNO tokens are not for speculative investment. No promises of future performance or value are or will be made with respect to GNO, including no promise of inherent value, no promise of continuing payments, and no guarantee that GNO will hold any particular value. GNO tokens are not participation in the Company and GNO tokens hold no rights in said company. GNO tokens are sold as a functional good and all proceeds received by Company may be spent freely by Company absent any conditions. GNO tokens are intended for experts in dealing with cryptographic tokens and blockchain-based software systems.

Terms of token sale

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