Day 2 “Eating to Survive Not for fulfillment”

When civilization first began on this wonderful place called Earth human beings were categorized in two groups Hunters and Gatherers. Hunters and Gatherers were a nomadic group of people who primarily lived to hunt, fish and harvest wild food. The sole purpose of this group was to accumulate and assemble food as a means of survival.

In order to survive you need key nutrients for your body to function properly. I have been analyzing how I eat on a daily basis and I have noticed that sometimes I’m eating because the food is available or if I’m bored. I never think about eating to supply what my body truly needs, I’m eating to supply my personal wants.

To stay healthy our bodies need good quality food with nutrients in them. Without these 5 nutrients carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals our bodies would not survive. A good balanced diet is needed to get the right amount of each nutrient in your body.Nov 20, 2009

The Foods Your Body Needs! — › teen

In past years I have been eating for every reason but survival. Being healthy is about understanding what nutrients your body needs from day to day. We are taught that 3 balanced meals and two to three healthy snacks a day is needed for a healthy balanced diet. So I plan to do just that, eating with a purpose to survive and to stay healthy.

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