Day 3 “I got a weight loss application on my phone”

Today while I was working at the salon I downloaded a weight loss application on my phone to help me track my food intake. This app not only helps you count calories but it also monitors how many nutrients you take in for the week. The app allows your phone to count your steps and give you great tips on healthy snacks to eat. The app is called LooseIt and I recommend that you check it out.

In addition to the weight loss app I also acquired a water log to monitor my water intake for the day. This app called waterlogged is a great app to help you to drink water and remind you during the day of the goal you are trying to achieve. I would recommend checking this app out as well.

Using these two applications on my phone is so convenient for me because I’m always on the go, I can track my daily intake with the push of a button. I’m sold!!!!! On to the next task which is buying groceries! 😜

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