Ambience for introverts.

Do you really know who’s an introvert? 
I decided to create this article because people who surround me actually don’t know it.

I’m an introvert and I used to be shy for everybody. They think that I’m weird and cannot have conversation with anybody ’cause I scared. But I’m not.

Almost every day I hear from my friends, roommates, parents and others that I need to change, I need to be more insistent because in my future this will be a hindrance for me. I won’t have a great job if I’ll be inside my head everytime. And I started to think that it’s my bad habit and I need to change. 
I started read a lot how to become more talkative, how to act firmly and be able to have conversations with people. Occasionally I have good results but then I realized that it’s not me. I had feelings like i’m losing myself and start to become somebody else. 
And I understood that I need to take my features and make them my own strengths.
I don’t need to be in company everytime, I don’t need a lot of conversations with somebody. I have this but not so much as an extravert has. 
I love loneliness. It’s not because I’m a freak or anybody does. It’s just kind of mind, you know.

Many geniuses and creative individuals were introverts. 
This specific helped them become who they were.
You know hardly a lot of pictures, which painted by a team or a book written by many authors. It means that not everybody have to be a good interlocutor.
This is especially true in cases where a company makes someone go to a party or a club but they don’t what it. Don’t put pressure on them. Respect their decision and give them more space. 
Introverts moslty like cozy evenings with their close friends. 
I’m not trying to protect all introverts or exalt them. 
I just wanna say that if somebody quiet or closed in himself it doesn’t mean that he or she is weird. They are the same as you. Just the contrary. :)
Introvert is a person who likes to thought inside his head. Extravert likes to talk about his thoughts. 
Distinguish differences. Respect each other.

Thank you.
Best regards, Denis Kaita.

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