Are you broken? (or how people will be watching on you).

I’d like to continue talking about how life changing when you something changing in yourself.

Not so far I decided to change my life for better and I started from my body. I started go to gym. Then I understood that it’s not enough and I started to eat only healthy food, trying to control calories, more protein, less carbohydrates and fats. It works. I feel myself so much better better without candies, fast food and sandwiches. And most importantly, without alcohol.

Also I realized that I spend so much time for nothing. I just sitting all day long at the computer and leafing through down news feed in social networks. I have a dream but what I do for it? Devote half an hour for doing something good, something that I need to do. Why only half an hour? It’s because I didn’t know how to organize my timeline for a day. But I done with it. I started my real life with gym and with “18 minutes” by Peter Bregman. And of course thanks to one person close to me, which motivated me to become better.

So, for what I’ve wrote this? It’s kind of handling to all my friends and family.

After I decided to stop drinking my friends and other people started to make jokes about it: “Are you broken? Why you don’t drink? Are you sick? You’ve become downer. Your life gets kinda boring”.

You have to be prepared to answer them that it’s your decision to be better. That is alcohol doesn’t make conversation better or more comfortable. People can have amazing talk with a cup of coffee or tea. It’s just only in your mind.

Just think about it. When you hang out with friends in some bar and drink bear or something, what exactly you all are talking about?

Most of all it’s about nothing. Sure, you don’t have to make a great conversation everytime when you meet friends, happiness in the little things. But I realize that when you hang out with friends and you all are nor drinking alcohol, you spend an amazing time and have interesting topics for discuss. Just try it. It’s really nice to meet friends with a cup of tea and talking about some important things or just playing some board games together.

I mean that I think life more interesting and more colorful when you spend your time for something awesome. Business, sport, art, traveling and so on it’s so much greater than to be drunk.

But also some people will stay still and don’t support you, and will be all the time making jokes about you. Believe me, it’s not more than just envy. You are better than that.

Thank you. 
Hope you like it.

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