Start to control your life. Not to be controlled.

Have you ever noticed how your life simply flows past you?

If your answer is Yes, let me something to offer you. 
I have many years of my adult life living with the idea that I’m doing all right. I have a goals in my life and I kind of go for it. Inside me beat ambitions. It would seem that what is wrong? 
But recently I realized that almost everything I’m doing wrong. 
I let life control me, my actions, thoughts, but it’s me have to lead my life. I have to make decisions and when to take them. 
I won’t speak so many beautiful and ​​empty words. I’ll speak for the merits.

Not long ago, I started going to the gym. I had previously some attempts to improve my appearance, but they were unsuccessful. This time, I set a goal to get to the end, become a guy who I’ll like. And also maintain this form in myself. 
After a time, I was so inspired by this occupation that began to read a lot about nutrition, about the kinds of training and exercises. I became almost an expert in the field of health.(haha) I’m exaggerating of course, but I started to understand a lot of things. And the most important thing is that I really started to believe that I can carry out its purpose.

Then, as I came across an article on one of my favorite blogs, how to organize your life. It was about what you need to keep a diary and write 100 goals in life. Don’t such that it would be desirable to carry out, but goals that you really going to do in life. I liked the idea. I went a little further. 
I started a diary and wrote my goals. Initially, I was not able to squeeze out 100, but with each passing day, I added. So, I started a diary. I writing down every day what to do and what I did, that would I can see the results and monitor the time. It motivated me strongly not to sit idle. And it works
This gives you a chance to go all day on the list of cases and not sit around and flipping Facebook newsfeed or anything else.

I hope this was helpful. 
Thank you for attention.
Start to control your life. Not to be controlled.

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