Design and the Self
Irene Au

An interesting and quite well written article that articulated many of my own experiences and expectations about design. But towards the end, once the author started on issues surrounding obscure topics like ‘latency’ and ‘upgrades’, she fell into the trap of writing for specialists. As a highly and widely educated person I feel excuded by these insider subjects. Not all of us use the internet or our computers to work in this way. I know what brutalism and Coco Chanel are about, but this elitist conversation leaves me cold and unable to follow through the arguments, which are appealing up to that point. It is precisely the relative simplicity of Apple that has always appealed to me; but the moment people on forums etc styart to get technical, they lose that advantage of accessibility. In a way, that contradicts the overall thesis here, that plain yet effective design is esthetically pleasing and functionally encouraging. By all means talk about latency, but add a paragraph of see to explain what it is. If you force me to look it up through Google and Wikipedia, the principle of efficiency is undermined.

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