We are looking for a Project Manager

A creative problem solver who is passionate about making an impact on people’s financial lives

Participate in the revolution in financial services by leading technology and design projects creating new services for unbanked and underbanked customers

If you believe in the value of scarcity as a spur to innovation, if you believe accessing financial services empowers people and FinTech for Financial Inclusion is your sweet spot — Microcred is the right place for you to develop your career!

Why Microcred ?

There are many great places to work for in the Fintech industry, but only a few who combine Fintech with the meaningful impact of Financial Inclusion. Microcred is a network of 11 microfinance banks in Africa and China. We bring together the latest technology, outstanding UX design, data science, banking licenses and customer base in developing countries allowing us to control the full chain of the customer experience.

We have more than 557K customers and large distribution networks. Our mission is loud and clear:

Microcred’s mission

Our DNA is focusing on people as individuals with unique and different needs, instead of just source-of-revenue customers. With the understanding of the growing and changing needs of our customers we constantly develop new and advance solutions and tools so our customers grow and do more with their money.

We are looking for a Project Manager

As a member of the Innovation and Technology team, you will lead a portfolio of 1 to 3 projects. Each project is a tool for our commercial staff or a solution to our clients everyday struggle with their finance. You will participate in designing and piloting operating model and product offering innovations that leverage our core practices: marketing, technology, UX design and data analytics. You will be instrumental in the iteration of our businesses across Africa until they reach scale. You will be autonomous and responsible across all functions from business modeling to infrastructure set up. It will include:

  • Define and refine business models: explore the dynamics in our business models, dig into the data, question our assumptions, and define the business models of our initiatives.
  • Manage: build your plan and budget, control your project resources and calendar to deliver on time and on budget.
  • Listen: keep your radio tuned to our customers and our commercial staff, help us understand what drives them and what problems we should solve for them next.
  • Develop creative and practical solutions: in coordination with our design team, create new customer journeys delivering useful solutions to our clients. Create functional specifications and work in collaboration with our technology delivery team to follow up on the delivery of new apps.
  • Pilot and learn: design and support your pilots in such a way that the operations team has the highest chance of success.
  • Build operational buy-in for scale: listen to, design for, and build consensus with our affiliates senior managers and key stakeholders so that they want to support the full deployment of our new solutions

What we are looking for

  • A problem solver. You are not satiated without having the thorough understanding of the situation you are dealing with. Where there is not enough information, you look for it. You are able to visualize, articulate and solve problems.
  • A naturally multicultural team player. You understand the importance of culture and want to build buy-in among stakeholders. You excel at gaining trust and earning respect.
  • An active learner. You know what you are good at, and where you need help. You listen to, or challenge your instincts, as appropriate. You are comfortable making mistakes, provided you learn from them.
  • A manager in action for results. You are able to set up, monitor, and conclude a project. You are result oriented and will not be satisfied until the end goal is reached. You will follow up every stakeholders until they deliver at the level of your expectations
  • Passion and energy. Because we love what we do, our enthusiasm is infectious. You can’t wait to get the virus as this is what makes you perform at your absolute best and see new challenges as an opportunity to contribute, make an impact, and grow. Experience with financial services, technology, and developing countries is appreciated.

What you should do ?

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