Precision through Practice

All things to All People

When attempting to explain something I have had the tendency to attempt to cover all bases. This process stems from a belief that a good argument is a water tight argument. I believed that all the permutations needed an explanation in order for the argument to hold up to scrutiny. In hindsight I now see this process as being largely inefficient and ineffective. Attempting to cover all bases is akin to trying to be all things to all people. Energy isn’t focused on any one single point of penetration, instead it is left to wander aimlessly in all sorts of directions

The Precision Master Key

Precision always beats speed, it was through precision that I began to see the alternative path. Precision of words means accomplishing more in fewer words. Instead of adding wordy levels of distraction, the precise word leaves the reader with little doubt as to the direction of the solution. A precise solution goes in a single direction whereas the speedy argument gets lost in a maze of counter arguments.

Ignore the distraction

In my heart I know that the effective route is via precision. However, in the heat of the moment, my brain loses sight of this truth. In mid sentence my brain whispers to me that I need to cover this base, or counter the perception from over there. Sometimes I cave in but more times I don’t. The progress lies in the fact that the choice is in my current level of awareness.

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