Boston Area Publishing Associations

We had a great Harvard Digital Publishing Collaborative session earlier this month, inviting representatives from two Boston-area publishing associations to explain more about what they do: Bookbuilders of Boston and the Society for Scholarly Publishing’s New England Regional Chapter.

Michael Mozina, who hails from Brill Academic Publishers and is Chair of the New England Regional Programming Committee for the Society for Scholarly Publishing, gave an overview of SSP and what the local chapter offers. Many of us are familiar with SSP from its Scholarly Kitchen blog and annual conference. You can follow on Twitter at @ScholarlyPub.

Laura Wind from Macmillan Education and Jamie Carter from the Copyright Clearance Center gave an overview of the Bookbuilders of Boston organization (who also have a great blog), including its important work funding education for publishing careers. They also outlined their New England Publishing Collaboration (NEPCo) awards program. You can follow on Twitter at @BookbuildersBOS.

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