15 things to read, to follow and to watch for designers in 2019

Fresh ux design trends to discover in 2019!

The New Year is here! It is time to be proud of your success and look back through 2018. That year has seen many bright and original web design ideas that helped make your websites friendly and appealing for the users, though some sites lagged behind the digital trends that resulted in lower user experience. The current enormous and the graphic-savvy online world has put high demands on web designers, expecting them to provide customers with excellent and unique solutions.

No doubt, the advancement of information technology reflects the tendencies in business, economic and communications spheres. In that sense you should mind the fact that web trends never stay the same, they are constantly changing and revolutionizing.

Thus, you need to keep abreast of increasing user demands and expectations if you want to attract and keep your customers on pages longer.

I suppose, 2019 can be a groundbreaking time for you to implement a new design that will be beneficial for your business.

Do you know which tendencies are likely to vanish? Can you predict which trends are to step in? In case you are thinking of refreshing your website, let’s delve deep into what is to gain traction over the next 12 months. It’s far from a sure thing, though, that knowing only modern trends can help you become a perfect designer. First, try your hand at understanding the basics of UI/UX design.

1. High Speed

The speed has always been and remains very important to web design. It can be accounted for the wide use of multifunctional smartphones. If the website is arranged appropriately, it enables the visitors to access the page easily and quickly not only via computers but also through their mobile phones.

No doubt, your customers’ performance depends on pace and efficiency. A recent survey by Google has proved that 53% of users expect a website to load in three seconds.

Source: New Industry Benchmarks for Mobile Page Speed by Google

In case it does not respond they will search for a better choice. After all, high speed ensures you will receive much better user experience. Throughout the coming year web designers will strive to achieve better results in implementing time-saving and memory-intensive components.

2. Individualized UX

You should always consider your visitors’ age, gender, interests as well as preferences in order to accomplish higher conversion of your website. If you put personalization of user experience high on the agenda, you create a feeling among your customers that you care about them. Thus, they are more likely to choose your goods or services as they have been encouraged through appeal to basic human need of being taken care.

3. Interactivity

Beyond any doubt, user interactivity is skyrocketing as one of the factors fostering website responsiveness. Web designers expect there will emerge more automated elements, which in its turn will create big competition among developers resulting in low prices for clients. Thus, customers will spend more time on websites that expose exclusive interactive features.

4. 3D Elements

It is not a surprise that 3D has become the fundamental and indispensable part of any UI/UX design solution. We are certain to witness a vast range of new fascinating masterworks of graphic designers in 2019. 3D technologies give the possibility to the professionals to create a kind of ultra-reality (virtual world) while combining the features of objective reality and digital elements. Do not hesitate to resort to bright and amazing three dimensions graphics to make your site flourish.

5. Diverse Animation

With due respect to the traditional animation, we recommend you to take advantage of such innovative trends as cinemagraphs, scrolling effects, micro-interactions, galleries, slideshows, and background videos. All of them proved to be effective in terms of grasping visitors’ attention and keeping them on your eCommerce site longer.

It would be great if you attempt to rotate the content by implementing interactive animation elements. It will help you accept the challenges of constantly changing web market. What’s more, you will fuel the curiosity of your customers and enhance the site’s conversion.

6. Grids and Layouts

No designer can deny the importance of using the grids as the means of laying out components on the page. Traditional grids with horizontal and vertical lines would not surprise the users. That is why you should consider utilizing both broken grid and asymmetrical layout in order to increase the number of visitors.

7. Color Branding

Color, being the paramount web design part, can evoke particular associations in the mind of web users and consequently push them to interact with your site. 2019 will still see steady black-and-white designs that can be effective in making your website even more memorable. You can benefit if you combine it with minimal insertions of color which will allow you to create the impressive landmarks.

8. Chatbots on the rise

The recent achievements in artificial intelligence and machine learning put forward the performance of these tools on the websites. These elements of web design eliminated the need of hiring a live person to answer the questions of the visitors. In such a way, you can save your budget. Designers will tend to develop more efficient chatbots to fit in numerous websites.

9. Headings Remain Big

As people feel pressed for time nowadays and most users are always in the rush, designers put large, bold and compressed titles and message on the page. It allows to galvanize the customers and speed up their time throughout the website. The enlarged heading tags can be combined with smaller content, in case detailed information is needed.

10. Minimalism

Web design will be dominated by minimalism in 2019. The simpler interface is the more comprehensive and convenient it is for the clients. Furthermore, a lesser number of text components on the site will prevent the users’ attention from being dispersed. Stick to the ideas of giving more free space, contrast, and clearness in typography.

11. Words Always Matter

You should keep in mind, that user experience streams and interactions are affected by the content that customers see on your website. Hence, designers will strive to bring their wring skills to a new level or, which is better, to draw on the resources of copyrighting professionals. Words are how you can make people adore your brand, product, and services. We expect the coming year to be exceptional and memorable as far as narration concerned.

12. Developmental Navigation

Navigation cannot be put aside while developing or updating an eCommerce website, though it is one of the most complicated elements of the page to construct. Hamburger navigation will still enjoy great popularity among the designers as it the best fits diverse audience and complies with the idea of minimalism.

13. Overlapping Design

Responding to the trend of broken grid layouts and asymmetry, overlapping components can evoke an exceptional interest to particular content on your page. When designed with appropriate consideration, such elements can enhance users’ conversion to the site. What is more, overlapping photos and images break the stereotypes of how we perceive the reality and in this way, they capture the eye of the potential clients.

14. Augmented Reality as a Must Have

Apparently, no designer can go without AR as it is a means of modifying the real world, particularly visual, auditory and graphics modes, through the information generated by computers. This technique is of great help to businesses involving both creativity and imagination. It also enhances the target users’ experience.

15. A Bit of Abstract Shapes

As the previous year has shown, versatile abstract elements are very effective as they create a feeling of mystery for users.

Designers are free to experiment with different geometric shapes making a very bright and infinite composition of the page.

To identify the brand you can apply rotating squares, circles and triangles. Moreover, this way implicit messages are delivered to the audience.

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