How to Develop an Actionable UX Product Roadmap

Building a startup is getting more and more challenging, since you will have to face a tough task of finding a profitable eCommerce business niche. Even if it is not a bootstrap startup, good investors are pretty hard to find and almost impossible to get interested into your project.

In recent years it has become obvious that 90% of emerging startups are foredoomed to fall flat.

A good question here is how to prevail and turn out to be among the rest of 10% who succeed.

Leveraging user experience

One of the most essential factors that influence your startup evolvability is the user experience or UX improvement approach.

Optimizing UX is closely connected with user interface (UI) development. 
These concepts seem to be very similar, albeit with an asterisk attached – user interface implies to be a visual medium between human and software interaction. It mostly accounts for tangible things like fonts, size, colors, action buttons, menus, etc.

In the meantime, UX presupposes your target customer feelings and attitude toward what he sees on a display and what he infers from utilizing a certain software solution on a mobile device, desktop or via browser.

According to UX Game Changers, the most influential factors that contribute to improved UX are the following:

  • Ease of use
  • Efficiency in processing business
  • Good organization of materials
  • Perception
So, design requirements should be based on what customers want and need. Meanwhile, and somewhat counterintuitively, the UX optimization issues on the B2B landscape are just the same.

Another recent LookBookHQ survey states 65% of B2B customers feel brands could do a better job of aligning their engagement activities with customer preferences.

That is why it is highly advisable to streamline your overall business strategy to attract new prospects and nurture the existing customers to retain their loyalty.

Building a decent product roadmap to harness UX

A UX roadmap is a detailed plan aimed at defining your paramount product strategy goals. You may set a number of tasks together with further output results you wish to obtain from streamlining UX design process. All the key factors should be included to ensure flawless results of your business project.

To help you out with product roadmap generation, here is a list of signs done by RealtimeBoard, a visual solution provider. These factors below are surefire indicators you underperform and have a poor product strategy.

In a nutshell, they are as follows:

  • You are unable to measure the deliverables
  • No results after UX benchmarking in a six weeks period
  • The product roadmap undergoes numerous changes
  • UX roadmap components are irrelevant
  • Your design, UX and dev teams are not unanimous about overall strategy
  • Product roadmap sound way too nonrealistic
So measure your current roadmap viability to make sure you highlight and get rid of all the pitfalls.

There is yet another good piece of advice you may find useful, while planning how to build a pitch perfect UX product roadmap. UXmatters, a UX research expert, suggest keeping an attentive eye on the following moments when it comes to leveraging UX roadmap:

  • Although having many features in common, design and product strategy are by all means different for roadmap facilitation
  • Clearly realize how UX can augment your business plan at scale
     Prioritize your major product strategy tasks over trifle routine activities
  • Understand that roadmap is not a backlog, so don’t sink into detailed recommendations
So, having an actionable UX roadmap under your belt provides you with a plethora of advantageous options. You can easily keep tabs on design and development workflow at every single step. A meaningful schedule allows you to control all the product releases and tailor any features affecting UX on the fly. Eventually, you get a smooth design process with timely iterations.

Should you still have any questions on how to streamline your UX product roadmap, feel free to contact us right now!