Web Design Trends 2018 to Revamp Your eCommerce Website

The diversity of a today’s IT world is immense. In recent years digital disruption has been significantly transforming the overall online landscape.

A web design industry evolves as well, with many of brand new trends emerging and fading every year.

As we have half year, it is high time to remind what trends web designers should follow in 2018.

1.Mobile Priority.

The stats shown above on the diagram demonstrate a drastic boost in mobile browsing growth. The recent survey by Adobe Inc. revealed that 46% respondents can’t just imagine their life without smartphones. It means that phones have already surpassed any other channels via which leads and customers may reach your website or landing page.

Moreover, back in 2016 Google announced that the priority in search results ranking would be given to websites with enhanced mobile versions first.

This year, on Monday, December 2017, Google said the the new process that involves mobile-first indexing and ranking has already launched engaging a number of websites to evaluate their readiness for new criteria.

That is why, a conventional approach when developers and designer were focused initially on fine-tuning desktop website versions is behind the times from now on and won’t work in 2018.

Instead, you should hone in on developing a mobile-friendly variant from the very beginning of a project with strong regard for harnessing responsive web design and dynamic serving.

2. Image and text content authenticity

Although all of us perfectly know the statement that content is king, you have to realize that only genuine content will do.

Before adjusting your website design to fit the 2018 requirements, make sure your copywriters and content managers are capable of generating unique texts and blog posts.

Images and pictures should also be an issue of your current concern. Stock photos are way too commonplace and won’t be able to rivet any customer attention in the 2018.

Forbes respondents are opting for bright customized photos and will not tolerate generic and boring images in 2018.

Try to plan your optimization budget so that you can commission a seasoned photographer and other graphic professionals to stand out of the crowd. You will definitely benefit soon from utilizing original resources on your website, since fresh and eye-catching images drive much more traffic, increasing thereby the lead conversion rate.

3.Video is key.

While surfing the websites and social media corporate pages, you can surely come across various videos introducing company’s brand value. Bright video materials embedded in your website home page can considerably improve user experience and maximize customer retention.

Since high-quality video is predicted to greatly contribute to the overall web design success.

Group up your web design team with marketing department to get a crystal clear vision for 2018.

Customers evolve and they are fed up with dull homepages littered with long read texts. So get ready to cater to your website visitors with meaningful videos and animation as they deliver information about your products and services in the fashion most appreciated by users online.

4. Implementation of VR technology.

The next emerging web design trend to be hands down popular in 2018 is virtual reality or VR.

Interactive 360-degree video allows your website shoppers to immerse themselves into various places as if they were real and get a full scope of vivid impressions.

Provided that this kind of web design is done well. Users will certainly value the possibility to move the site photos and images in all directions to examine product details or your brick-and-mortar whereabouts.

Share these insights with your web design experts to ensure they will enable VR solutions on your website before 2018.

5. Combining natural colors.

The last but not the least 2018 trend you should add to your web design laundry list is adding the right fonts and colors. They create actionable synergy that help customers focus on the main brand messages you are going to expose.

The forecast says that only rich and natural-looking colors will fit your website and can attract many visitors next year.

Bold fonts will also prevail in 2018 and let you orchestrate your home and landing page content in an efficient way.

Take some time to visit the websites of successful eCommerce projects to compare their web designs with yours. Why won’t you learn from innovative trailblazers to guarantee your brand a hefty business success in the future?

All in all, reconsider your brand web design with these trends in mind to deliver unparalleled experience to the users of your websites.

Do not hesitate to contact my team should you need any assistance in refreshing your web design and our experts will surely provide you with smart and cost-efficient solutions for 2018.