Two years after the #MeToo movement, the restaurant industry is grappling with high numbers of sexual harassment and change that is happening not fast enough.

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A bar in downtown Syracuse, NY.

Alexandra Dukat, the now 33-year-old Groton, NY native, looked at the pile of receipts in front of her. It was a snowy Friday and the bars had just closed in the small college town, leaving all the post night out customers flooding in to get imitation garbage plates at the Subway-style restaurant Dukat worked at. …

“And if hired, would you be OK with filming in Syracuse?”

Now, Hollywood writer and filmmaker Jeremy Garelick had nothing personally against Syracuse, a middle-of-nowhere type Central New York city of a whopping 150,000 or so population and a hell lot of snow. But considering when filming is in question one thinks of LA or NYC, he was surprised by the suggestion of Syracuse of all places, to say the least.

“Central New York?” he asked, “Why?”

“They have great tax breaks up there,” was the answer. Garelick was intrigued — and he had every right to be too. You see, Garelick had this dream of creating this generation’s universe of high school movies since he was a college student. After being advised by a professor to hold off on it for a decade, he had been bidding his time collecting scripts and looking for high schools to buy all over the United States. …

Deniz Şahintürk

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