Questions About Adult Life Thing

I apparently do not belong to 95% of the Medium population that would like to identify themselves with humanoid robots. Because this is apparently not the usual work-hard-reach-your-goals kind of article that you usually come across on Medium about some guy who refuses to have sex or enjoy any kind of human pleasure so that he can invent a software thing that allows you to leave space between your words without actually tapping the space button! Just what we all need.

What this is, is that I have some legit questions considering adult life. I just started working at this job and I really like it. I’m also still studying and about to graduate. And I really like all my courses, for the first time ever so I really try to do my best. And I also try to maintain a healthy social life. I have a couple of friends, whom I mostly adore. I have this sort of boyfriend and I like to take care of him the adult way… You know, just say ‘Hi’ when I have 5 minutes of spare time.

But I’m all new to this kind of buzz and I wonder if the next 50 years of my life will vanish as I try to get home from work, exhausted and stupefied, but also trying to do my homework on the ferry. And if so, how can anyone be happy?

Of course the moments to cherish are when you’re drinking wine with your best friend, or when you’re finally watching a movie that you’ve been waiting to watch for months. It’s the little things. It’s always been that way for me but now I can’t even find time to watch a 10-minute cartoon. I, also, have been trying to find time to write this article for 2 months now.

More accurately, how can anyone have time to do anything just for themselves? If that is what happiness is about.

I’ve figured that if I fuck up my sleep cycle, give up on the extra, personal activities that take more than 5 minutes of my time, like having a nice meal, having a shower, pooping and so on, I can find a balance. Brushing your teeth is OK, though.

So I’ve made a couple of assumptions about what this adult life thing may be about, please let me know whether they’re true or not.

  • You guys are magical unicorns who can stop time when you feel like watching a movie or just not doing anything for 3 minutes
  • You guys are miserable creatures who are going back and forth between your offices and your warm holes, trying to add a little meaning to your empty lives by achieving daily success at your world changing jobs, which certainly could never be done by other than your very clever and unique self
  • You guys all work in a gummy bear factory with the substantial task of feeding baby pandas gummy bears three times a day
  • You guys all have the next big, game changing, ground breaking start up idea about creating an optimal bird watching experience and can enjoy the pleasures of the miracle called home-office whenever you feel like it
  • Or i’m in progress of becoming an independent adult person but adulthood is much more boring than I imagined it to be and I should stop complaining about it on Medium and go to my room and study (see how my inner adult self just grounded my inner babylicious self?)