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Learn how we measure user behavior to improve our product and how you can do the same for your web app or website.

As a JotForm developer, my goal is to make JotForm better every day. We develop new features and improve existing features continuously. But, how do we know if we made the product better or not?

The solution is to track user behavior. To measure our success, we keep track of and monitor user behavior on our changes and email reports to our team on hourly, daily or weekly basis. Today, I will describe how we measure our success in detail.

Every analytics solution should include three steps.

  1. Collect events
  2. Build queries
  3. Visualize results

And every analytics based visualization is an aim to obtain insights on a rather complex system. You count the number of events (say, specific usage of a specific feature), and then you aggregate raw event data. By displaying data in a visual way, you can detect abnormalities or correlations. …


Deniz Vatan

Senior PHP Developer @ JotForm

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