It’s been interesting week for iOS App world.

Firefox Finally Launches Worldwide on iOS, Again

Due to Apple’s brutally strict policy, browser rendering engines other than built-in WebView(WebKit) have been impossible for iOS platform.

However, proxy browser like Opera Mini, Puffin browser successfully live on iOS, powered by Opera’s obsolete Presto and Firefox(Gecko).

And Years ago, Chrome realized that syncing desktop browser data with iOS was much more important than launching a REAL Chrome browser. Firefox once launched a crappy Firefox Home. Years later, similar strategy with Chrome finally arrived. and surely it’s open sourced (written in Swift!).

YouTube Music launches on U.S.

Long-rumored YouTube Music features audio-only streaming, offline, background music playing with its premium subscription service “YouTube Red”, which YouTube official app never offers on purpose, but we have enjoyed for a long time with third party plugins/apps.

Truth to be told, YouTube service has been really amazing, and with YouTube Red subscription, finally we’ve got exactly the full YouTube experience on mobile phone that deserves.

F.lux— Just One Day Launch (unavailable now)

Blue light may not really harm your eye, but it truly stops you from falling asleep(they asked the expert). That’s why F.lux has been really popular on desktop computer. F.lux actually launches on Cydia for jailbroken iPhone for years, but this time it went “sideloading” a binary from a Xcode project(basically a empty project with just icon resources and Info.plist including “Executable file” key and binary “iflux” as value), and with Xcode 7 you can install f.lux on iOS without jailbreaking.

However, Apple doesn’t like this and it’s now unavailable.

Readdle’s PDF Expert: Mac version launched, iOS version Free App of the Week

Readdle’s PDF Expert is really excellent PDF Reader with lightning speed(except for iOS built-in reader’s real-time rendering while zooming in), I’ve been using the Documents by Readdle for view slides, tapping to page up/down is perfectly responsive.

Now they launch Mac version and iOS version gone free with Apple’s App of the Week. Can’t wait to use Mac version.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Probably the first and the best sleep tracking app, updating v5 with patented sound analysis so the phone is no longer required to be put in bed. And now it goes freemium! But hey, where’s the watch app? We’ve seen from Sleep++ that it’s so useful to track sleep by Apple Watch on the wrist. More professionals, please?

Lastly, Free Game of the Month from IGN: Implosion

A pretty nice game took 3 years to develop from Rayark, creator of Cytus and Deemo, a Taiwan company.

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