Have two minutes? Here’s what you can accomplish.

Two minutes.

What can you possibly get done in two minutes?

There are many times I have a few minutes here and there and I don’t think there’s anything constructive I can really do. So, I end up scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and waste time rather than making time work for me.

Once I started thinking about it, there are so many things I can get done in two minutes to make my life easier, less cluttered, and add joy.
1. Go through the mail.
2. Take a bag of recycling out to the recycling can.
3. Water the plants and flowers.
4. Fold a load of clothes.
5. Read through the headlines of The Week.
6. Trash the emails I don’t need.
7. Archive the emails I want to read later.
8. Respond to an email.
9. Give a treat to my dog, cat, and/or guinea pig.
10. Refill the water pitcher.
11. Write out a grocery list.
12. Clear off my desk.
13. Wipe down the kitchen counters.
14. Tweet, put a picture on Instagram, or post a status on Facebook.
15. Load or unload the dishwasher.
16. Pick a room and tidy it.
17. Send a positive text to make someone’s day.
18. Say a prayer.
19. Pick a shelf or drawer and get rid of stuff I don’t use or need.
20. Floss my teeth.

I could continue this list, but it has already taken me more than two minutes to write. You’ll have to excuse me so I can go get something done…in two minutes.

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