I Am a Writer

I don’t usually write on Sunday mornings.

It’s all Jeff Goins fault.

I’ve had his book, You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One), on my kindle for quite awhile and I finally started reading it a day or two ago.

Jeff says, “You are a writer; you just need to write.”

He’s absolutely right! It’s so simple and yet so complex. How hard is it for me to just sit down and write everyday? It isn’t, and yet I don’t.

I make excuses or find other things to do. I think some of it has to do with fear. What if people aren’t reading what I’m writing? What if they don’t like what I’m writing? What if they say I’m horrible?

Then I flipped it. What if people are reading what I’m writing? What if they do like what I’m writing? What if they say I’m fabulous?

Then I realized my starting point: Me. If I don’t start with me, then it doesn’t matter what content I put out there.

Writing is something I’m passionate about, because it allows me to follow my mantra: I’m living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life with love and peace in my heart.

When I’m writing from my heart, it allows me to fulfill what I feel my purpose is, and that is to assist others on their journey in whatever capacity I’m called to do. I fulfill that purpose through life coaching individuals, but writing gives me the opportunity to cast a wider net.

I feel so thankful and blessed to have been given the gift of writing. My husband marvels that I can sit down and chunk out a 300–500 word column or blog rough draft in 30 minutes. I don’t take that for granted either. I know it isn’t something everyone has the ability to do. We all have different gifts, and this happens to be one of mine.

Oh, I know what I write isn’t Pulitzer prize winning material…yet. However, something that has finally dawned on me is I’ve always been hesitant to call myself a writer. I felt like I needed to do something monumental in order to attain the title of writer.

And then I started reading Goins’ book, and he’s right.

I am a writer. It’s time I started acting like one!

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