Lady and I took time to snap a shot while we relaxed on the porch this morning.

Sometimes we just need to be.

When we got home from a baseball game around 11:00 last night, I got out of the car and looked up.

Stars. Everywhere.

It was so clear and peaceful at that time of night. I tried to pick out a couple of constellations, but mostly I just marveled at the beauty.

“You don’t get this in the big city,” I remarked to my husband.

While we lack many of the conveniences of living in a bigger city, there’s something to be said for the enjoyment of the simple pleasures.

I felt the same way when I got up this morning. I grabbed my journal, kindle, cup of coffee and headed out to the porch. My dog Lady joined me, and we just hung out.

We live across the street from the high school football field and music bellowed from the press box as female athletes walked over from their lifting workout to do their cardio on the track.

Again, it was peaceful to sit outside and not have to do or be anywhere in particular. People drove by. Some waved while others focused on heading to work.

I appreciate living in a town where even if people don’t know each other, they still give a friendly wave. It’s like saying, “I see you as an amazing person and I hope you have a wonderful day.”

At least that’s what runs through my head when I wave.

Going for a walk was next on my agenda. I always listen to a podcast when I’m walking, and today I chose Jeff Sanders’ 5AM Miracle. It was all about procrastination, which I appreciated because I do that A LOT.

During my walk, I also went by the football practice field, and the high school team was having camp. As I listened to the head coach, I was reminded how much I have always appreciated his attention to detail, his calm demeanor, and his motivating words. He’s the type of person you know who is not only shaping football players but also young men.

As my walk came near its end, I decided to do a walking meditation for the last 10 minutes. If you’ve never done something like that, I highly recommend it. I don’t think I can adequately describe the sense of calm that comes from the beauty around you as you empty your thoughts.

And now here I am, sitting down to put my thoughts into some semblance to convey that life is precious and full of beautiful moments. We don’t always have to be on the go. We don’t always need to be checking off items on the to-do list. Sometimes we need to just be.