SAP Commerce ( Hybris ) integration tests without platform restart and for free

  1. HotSwap with Hybris ( Kudos to Suleman Mohd ) (a new free solution)
  2. Using the Testweb Front End, that is reachable via http://yourhybrisbasedomain:port/test
Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash
  • First of all use the given blogpost from Suleman to setup your hotswap reload
  • start the hybris server in the debug mode: ./hybrisserver debug
  • open the Testweb Front End, filter for your test and press the “run” button at the bottom, don’t confuse it with the one at the top of the screen
  • verify your tests are green, now you can start developing, after each change only execute “ant build” in the extension with the actual code change




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Denis Lutz

Denis Lutz

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