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8 steps to radically speed up your react projects ( article series )

In the following series of articles I want to tell about my experience and the best practices I discovered and/or introduced in react.js projects.

Everything I will present is based on at least 3 mid size completed projects. Its bullet proof by countless code reviews and on boarding of many colleagues, who were productive in the code base right away.

  • react.js is just a view in classical MVC
  • redux introduces some architecture but its incomplete
  • why we need to become opinionated
  • suggested solution for a react-redux architecture
  • what is local first
  • why local first? ( scenarios for local first )
  • back end tools
  • front end tools
  • the biggest complexity pain point
  • present solutions thunk and saga
  • suggested solution
  • the service object pattern
  • identify unassigned logic groups
  • common testing pitfalls in the front end
  • understanding test complexity and its rewards
  • white box vs black box
  • functional mocks, the source of all evil
  • what functional mocks are doing to your test code
  • state vs behaviour assertion
  • its all about unit size
  • top down test unit size discovery
  • single responsibility review with common sense
  • file size is no criteria for complexity
  • when is something complex?
  • fragile nature of JS apis
  • based on extract code with caution
  • based on unit size discovery
  • sample projects
  • why is thinking in dsls important?
  • an underestimated and unknown topic in software engineering
  • how react fits into the picture of dsl focused development