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8 steps to radically speed up your react projects ( article series )

In the following series of articles I want to tell about my experience and the best practices I discovered and/or introduced in react.js projects.

Everything I will present is based on at least 3 mid size completed projects. Its bullet proof by countless code reviews and on boarding of many colleagues, who were productive in the code base right away.

Introduce an opinionated react.js front end architecture

  • react.js is just a view in classical MVC
  • redux introduces some architecture but its incomplete
  • why we need to become opinionated
  • suggested solution for a react-redux architecture

Enforce Local First Development (German only)

  • what is local first
  • why local first? ( scenarios for local first )
  • back end tools
  • front end tools

Use a rest-middleware for external communication (coming soon)

  • the biggest complexity pain point
  • present solutions thunk and saga
  • suggested solution

Use service object pattern for general logic (coming soon)

  • the service object pattern
  • identify unassigned logic groups

Test with common sense, not based on theory (coming soon)

  • common testing pitfalls in the front end
  • understanding test complexity and its rewards
  • white box vs black box
  • functional mocks, the source of all evil
  • what functional mocks are doing to your test code
  • state vs behaviour assertion
  • its all about unit size
  • top down test unit size discovery

Extract code with caution (coming soon)

  • single responsibility review with common sense
  • file size is no criteria for complexity
  • when is something complex?
  • fragile nature of JS apis

Use the ducks redux pattern (coming soon)

  • based on extract code with caution
  • based on unit size discovery
  • sample projects

Internalise domain specific languages (coming soon)

  • why is thinking in dsls important?
  • an underestimated and unknown topic in software engineering
  • how react fits into the picture of dsl focused development

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