Paragon Coin Review : Why Paragon is My Favourite HODL for 2018

Paragon coin is the premiere cannabis coin. It was launched in Oct last year and its ICO has been one of the biggest and most successful crowd-sales last year.

Post ICO there have been a couple of hits and misses. Like the fake news took over the social media, Paragon was called a scam coin by circles with defamation and frivolous intent. The same circles which called EOS a scam and today they want to suicide they didnt buy the coin at $0.9 when its $10 plus in months.

I dont fall for negative news, I just know that I need to have logic, I need to see work being done and the whitepaper having answers to all the strategies that the coin will employ. Luckily, Paragon had both. I’m glad I didn’t fall for the fake FUD and bought the coin. So, here’s my two cents for this coin.

Paragon coin or PRG, as famously known, has some robust concepts behind its ideation. These distinguish it other Cannabis coins in the market :

a) It has a integrated value chain model connecting cannabis supplies right from the farm to the consumer, hassle-free and without any red tapes. Tracking the whole supply chain is a fantastic next step.

b) It has revenue generation model with Paragon spaces, it’ll be the Apple store for cannabis and will have over 20 such locations world-wide. This space is a store community co-working space and you guessed it right, you’ve to pay in PRG. What’s cool is that the community can vote on where these locations will be.

c) PRG wants to fight the social and legal battle to bring medical and leisure cannabis to new territories across the globe. They help new start-ups and incentivize innovation through their incubator program.

d) Current circulating supply is just above 64 million coins. That a low supply considering all the new ICOs are well above 200 Million coins. This will help make the price explode even im short term. Also, every transaction burns a small piece of PRG, reducing supply further.

Paragon stands out in these facets. It is one of the best moves I made early December last year. Filled a big fat bag at $0.21 a coin, at one point I was 4x but I was in for Long term, so anything below 10x is not a deal, thats where I see it going soon. Once they open the first location for crypto only, I think it could explode.

My best advice will be, to follow Paragon’s reddit. Fill two bags for this coin (still very buyable), sell one for short to mid-term and hold the other for Long term .