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Cashaa is a startup established in 2016 and is developing a next-generation financial model called, based on blockchain technology, to solve existing financial problems for both low-income and no-return populations. The core of this company, is Cashaa’s wallet that will provide financial services to any user, such as deposit and fiat transfer and crypto currency, microfinancing, crypto trading and asset trading.

The company pre-sells them from October 20 to 30 and their main sales will start from November 6th. A total of 510 million tokens will be distributed with a value of $ 0.1, with 1 billion CAS tokens will be generated.

What’s the matter Cashaa is working on?

The products Cashaa builds aim to solve 2 problems. First of all, the money transfer system or expensive and impractical remittances that the world uses now. The most popular system today is the SWIFT system used by banks and also Western Union used by unattended populations. While both systems are on opposite ends of the spectrum, they are not without friction and are relatively expensive for cross-border transfers. The second is the adoption of the current of cryptocurrency for the average consumer. The fiat interface to cryptocurrency as well as the knowledge needed to use crypto is a problem that discourages the average consumer to implement blockchain infrastructure for financial transfers.

Cashaa came up with an ingenious system to solve both problems. Founder Kumar Gaurav aims to build a peer to peer marketplace fee for cash transfers. He and his team built a beta, powered by blockchain, and tested by 12,770 beta users who transacted about $ 10 million USD. Their idea is to exchange fiat currencies with bitcoin or other crypto in 1 country and then exchange another bitcoin or crypto that returns to fiat in another country. By using this 2-way trade to transfer one cash, the original owner of the fiat currency will be able to send money to another country; through all the traditional systems that will be charged a relatively large fee.


What is the total supply of CAS?

The token issued by Cashaa is known as CAS. There will be 1 billion CAS generated 510 million CAS will be released for pre-sales and major sales. Each remaining of 510 million CAS will be burned. This creates a limited token inventory which is a plus point.

The remaining CAS is allocated to Reserve Companies, Teams and Advisors and Community Development Initiatives and Employers. The positive point here is that there is a 12 to 36 month vestment schedule that will reduce the fear of dumping.

Does Cashaa have a MVP and also a decent business plan / roadmap?

Back in 2016, Cashaa has developed a MVP and a beta version for Cashaa, which has proven the concept and viability of Cashaa’s business. And yes, there is a road map in Cashaa whitepaper. And from seeing it, one of the major milestones is to partner with Asian and African banks for remittance solutions to be achieved in Q1 2018. I believe that this is very important for Cashaa’s success, as it gets partnerships with banks rather than trying To build a separate remittance route is the fastest way to succeed.

However, it is also a risk that banks may want a bigger action and Cashaa will be forced to raise their fees. This can be overcome by Cashaa’s ability to take revenues from crypto currency price differentials between sending and receiving countries. We must closely monitor this section. I also note that one of Cashaa Colum Rafferty’s advisers has extensive experience in this area and may be able to pave the way for Cashaa.

Listings on the Exchange

Based on their notebooks, Cashaa will register their tokens on the market in Q4 2017. This will excite many ICO investors or should I call them fins. They will be interested to be able to reverse the CAS token for quick profit. But I would suggest that the true value of the CAS will appear only after they have established a relationship with the bank and start operating as a money remittance service. Do not sell too early because there will be many advantages of this one. Look at the price increase for Omisego, the first unicorn crypto asset, and this is clearly a possibility for Casha to follow. On the Cashaa website, it is mentioned that CAS will be listed on Bittrex, LiveCoin, Bitlish, Space BTC after token generation event but also states that “we can not influence the stock listing decisions”. It’s a little blurry here.

Teams and Advisors

This is where Cashaa shines, this team has extensive experience in the blockchain industry both with founders and founders who have started successful blockchain companies before Cashaa. The rest of the team has an impressive resume in the banking industry.

Equally impressive is the board of directors. We saw Bernard Lietaer known as Euro Architect and John Henry Clippinger from MIT. Their payment adviser Colum Rafferty also has an impressive portfolio and will be the key to helping the team to secure their banking relationships.

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