hello .. reader In this article I would like to draw your attention to a more unique invention in the field of IT technology. So here’s Lucyd’s smart glasses.

Smart goggles, thanks to its function, open new opportunities in entertainment, business and education.
According to statistical data, the market capitalization of smart-glasses will reach 134 billion dollars by 2021. The main demand will be in North America and perhaps the growth rate will be around 80%.

The developer of Lucyd platform, has created a more advanced smart eyewear model, which can conquer all the major markets. The main uniqueness of these glasses, which makes it possible to stand out against the background of other clever spectacles, perhaps because they work based on blockade technology.

To raise funds, the company plans to organize a number of events. The funds raised will be used in the future to make these glasses. Currently, pre-sale pre-sale is over and will expire on 31 October 2018 at 23:00 Moscow time. Discount on the LCD token during pre-sale, will be 40%. A total of 100,000,000 LCD tokens will be produced and 50,000,000 LCD tokens will be available for sale. Because of the planned activities, the company set a target to raise 10 million US dollars.

Fund distribution:

In December, the company plans to develop software and develop brands. Until June 2018 is planned to release the first prototype Lucyd Lens lens. Furthermore, according to the roadmap, the original application development will begin.
In October 2018, prototype glasses and applications will be tested for the first time and in the first quarter of 2019, they will release the first glasses for the token holders of the LCD.

So, let’s see what features these eyeglasses have!

Lucyd Lens points, will be built on 13 related patents, developed by world optical experts from the University of Central Florida. A patent will allow you to use features that other smart glasses lack. The glasses will be equipped with exclusive ergonomic functions, which of course makes it more competitive than other smart glasses.

Lucyd’s glasses will include the following technologies:

  1. The power device will be turned on and on by opening the hand;
  2. Camera front camera for photos, videos and for detecting object occlusion
  3. Headphone-columns with bone conduction technology;
  4. Microphone — allows you to make a call or make a voice control;
  5. Eye Tracking — track eye movement and optimize field of view;
  6. Lcd-LCD for HD quality video;
  7. Charger of wireless charger through carpet filling;
  8. Lenses-equipped with corrective lenses;
  9. Smooth shapes without buttons, switches and cables.

Interesting facts:

  • Lucyd points will outstrip smartphone supply by 2025 and thanks to AR technology will become the new standard in computer technology.
    * Interactive Lucyd Display, the fact the add-on will use a smartphone for power sizes.
    Points will work 24 hours a day and help solve problems in AR technology.

LCD, this is a token that will work based on a smart contract Ethereum. Participants who wish to support the project must send to the address specified by Ether Ethereum and this can be done only after the end of crowdfunding.
Token LCD will launch the lab block network of Lucyd Lab. The Token holder will be able to purchase equipment and content. Presumably, 5,000 LCDs can be exchanged for one pair of Lucyd Lens sunglasses.

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