February 14, 2017 — North Central Florida

Valentine’s Day is not exceptional for my husband and me. I am either working, which I do a lot of this time of year, or I am too exhausted to consider dinner out, and I don’t care for flowers and candy or the other typical Valentine gifts. Besides, we both feel it is a contrived corporate day, not even a holiday, that encourages the spending of more money most people do not have to spend.

Our Valentine’s Day was recognized by an evening walk, something that is rare for me during my busiest work season. I made a considerable effort to be home before dark so we could walk our dogs at dusk. The evening was comfortably warm; no jackets needed. Our dogs are elderly now, so walks are short in distance but long in time. An easy stroll with the humans, talking and laughing and dogs, sniffing and peeing. A good Valentine’s celebration.

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