February 20, 2017 — North Central Florida

Perhaps winter is gone despite my previous predictions and notwithstanding the fact that Easter is still nearly two months away. I cannot comment on the pecan trees because there are none nearby to check. Maybe this will be the year that local farmers and weather prophets are incorrect about the true arrival of spring. Many dogwoods have passed their blooming time and are shooting out leaves. Redbuds, slightly later blossomers than dogwoods, are in their purple glory, leaving me to ponder why they are called red buds where their buds are decidedly purple. And, the fruits of loquat trees, which I typically see in March or April, are ripe for the picking. Fortunate enough to leave work before dark, I was home in time to join my husband in the walking of our dogs, stopping for a snack of loquats from a tree that flourishes on a small, grassy strip between the sidewalk and the street. By the time we were on the last leg of our stroll, the trees were only shadows against the last rays of sunset.

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