February 23, 2017 — North Central Florida

As the day started, winds down near the earth were calm, but high above us, slate-gray clouds galloped across the sky as though late for a critical morning meeting. Leaving to take grandchildren to school, I wondered if rain was imminent. Returning home fifteen minutes later, the sun was shining brightly casting soft shadows over the yard. Within an hour, blustery breezes toppled over trash cans waiting for the garbage truck, and my windchimes struggled to remain tree-and-porch-bound. Throughout the day, the skies were volatile — one moment dark and ominous, and the next charmingly sunny. At times, a glance out a front door would behold the sun-drenched sky, while a glance at the same moment out a back door would observe the stormy skies. Only dribbles of rain fell in a few spots, barely enough to note. The day ended with a soft blue sky rimmed with yellow and pink tinged clouds, and the winds were relaxing from turbulent to merely gusty.

I worked until past sunset and then stayed an extra hour to tackle the loan application for the townhome I want to buy. The day was long, busy, and satisfying. As I left for home, the fresh and robust evening breeze was revitalizing, giving me the extra zing I needed to grocery shop and deal with chores at home.

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