Puppy Prompt
Jim Reeves

I am socially awkward. Don’t get me wrong — I love other dogs and cats and people — I really love people! But, I bounce and snort and slobber. My eyes are too big for my head. My legs are too short for my exuberance. My nose is too smooched-in for adequate breathing. For a little guy, I make a lot of noise — mostly, nasal noise. Not too becoming. Other dogs, especially the big ones, laugh at me. I get no respect. Cats run from me. Not because I scare them but because they find me repugnant and annoying. Cats like quiet and gentle — I am loud and rambunctious. Cats definitely do not like me. People think I am cute. They rub my head and chuckle at my bounciness. They think my snorting and snoring and sniffling are adorable unless they are trying to sleep or watch TV or read a book or have sex. Then, I go from adorable to vexatious in 10-seconds flat. I get booted from rooms, kicked off couches, and pushed from beds all the time. I only fit in with another dog like me, but then we are doubly annoying. Sigh, it’s so hard to be little, bug-eyed me.