January 11, 2017

Today was one of those winter days that remind us why we live in Florida in spite of its ultra-conservative politics and hard-hearted governor.

The remnants of cold from the last few days vaporized in the morning sun, prompting me to open windows before leaving for work. The sky and the clouds seemed to dance in the light breeze — a breeze that was welcome when the temperature reached 74 degrees, a setting that would have made some of us shiver before the recent freeze. How soon that what was once considered cool is now felt as warm!

The pleasant weather lightens my mood. Working seven days a week since Christmas Day and until 8 pm most nights has left me feeling morose and discontented. Not unusual for me when racing to meet IRS deadlines in January, but worsening as I age. The game no longer stimulates or motivates me; in fact, it annoys me, as I realize how much of my life’s energy and short time here on earth has been spent racing toward arbitrary deadlines that have little or no meaning. Surely my hours could be spent on more creative and meaningful endeavors.

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