November 9, 2016

Response to Photo Prompt from Jim Reeves 
in Hopes and Dreams for Our Future

Photo Credit: Jim Reeves on Medium

I woke feeling drugged,
Head pounding,
Mouth dry,
As though having partied too much
The night before.

But, that didn’t happen.

Yesterday started with hope,
Ended in looming despair,
Using sleep as my drug,
But the sleep wouldn’t come,
Waking nightmares instead.

Yes, that happened.

Blotches of red before my eyes,
Mounting blocks of red,
Mounting hopelessness,
Fear like a knife in my throat,
This can’t be, it can’t be.

But, it was.

The morning of the 9th
Was sunny to the eye
But dark and ominous 
To the heart,
A choking blanket of doom.

Yes, doom.

The earth cried for its
Rivers and forests,
The people cried for 
Their freedom and peace,
I cried.

Yes, I did. 
Yes, I am — 

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