Let me begin by saying that I find your story very engaging and well written, but I have to wonder…
Danna Colman

Thanks for your response, Danna. My intent of displaying her bad behavior on a bad day was to accentuate the fact that even a difficult friend can be a good friend. I believe by writing about all we’ve helped each other through over the years, the support we’ve provided for one another shows her best side, the side that has kept our friendship intact. I ended the story with our last luncheon which was pleasant.

I intentionally focused on her difficult personality quirks in an attempt to show that a strong friendship looks past those types of irritations. As I wrote, I had many other friends who behaved more “acceptably” than Evelyn but who abandoned me in my time of need.

I am sorry if you did not understand my intention. I may, on some occasions, get very irritated at Evelyn but that has never weakened or lessened our friendship. I know that we are always there for one another.

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