What a great story, highlighting the often difficult and prickly navigation required to maintain a…
Sherry Caris

Thanks, Sherry. I think the fact that our friendship is limited in our time and places of contact helps me to control the annoyance I sometimes feel with Evelyn. I don’t know if I could survive a very “close” relationship with her— the kind that involves daily or weekly contact. But, that is okay. Our friendship has its place and its time.

As I’ve aged, I have learned to accept that each friendship is different and each does not have to be all-consuming to be significant and enduring. Our mostly once-a-month friendship has been important to me and has helped to sustain me during difficult times. I’ve had closer friendships — ones that involved more frequent and more intense contact — that did not serve me as well. And, I know she would agree. I know I can call her at any moment if I need her and she knows the same. That says a lot for any friendship.

I have learned to appreciate our differences, which are significant. And realizing how different we are makes our friendship all the more special.

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