You Don’t Complete Me!

In Response to the Tuesday Quotable by alto

Video Credit: The Movie Jerry McGuire — from video posted by myextension2002 on You Tube

Most Americans mooned over this scene in Jerry McGuire. I, who am a true romantic, became nauseous when Tom Cruise uttered those words — no, not because he is Tom Cruise — my disgust with him would form later — but because the words were silly and cheesy. Only good thing about that silly line is that a man was saying it, not a woman. Usually it’s a woman in a movie who finds her completion and purpose in a man. I give Jerry McGuire credit for at least traveling a different road.

From this scene, I did like Renée Zellweger’s response, “You had me at hello.” Sweet, not syrupy, and a place many have been — that spot when you are in love before the other person is, that spot when the other person finally realizes what you mean to him or her.

Let’s set the record straight — If you are not complete when you find “the one”, he or she will not complete you.

To my husband: I love you but you did not complete me. I came to you whole — damaged, sometimes floundering, but whole. You brought out the best in me — the best that was always there, just hidden, like a tulip in spring. As the sun during the cool days of March coaxes the tulip to break through the surface, you encouraged me to reach higher.
No one would have called me witty, although I appreciated good humor, but you brought out my funny side. With you I can be delightfully silly and from that, my natural wit began to grow. Now, I and others consider me to be an amusing person. Thing is, I always was, but my wit was buried below layers of disappointments. You dug deep to release my inner comedian.
You highlighted my best attributes and encouraged me to polish them until they shone on their own. I became a better version of myself because of you — not a completed version but a better one.
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