The message is pretty much “don’t worry about the code, take these virtual puzzle pieces and off you go, you can program”.
Coding Has Become Pop Culture
Attila Vágó

Coding is definitely sexier now, than it was when I started. But I don’t think (or hope) that drag and drop coding tools are intended to oversimplify the difficulty of software development.

I think that they’re one of many ways of making software development a little bit more approachable as it will be necessary for future generations and team members on all levels to have a instinct like understanding for the nature of software.

Perhaps it’s not far from a analogy with how we learn basic rules of physic in school: it’s over simplified physics, with fun experiments that teaches us to appreciate the laws of physic that makes airplanes fly or why satellites doesn’t just fall down straight away. But nobody is fooled into thinking they’re a rocket scientist for being able to launch a bottle rocket.

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