6 Reasons Why JavaScript’s Async/Await Blows Promises Away (Tutorial)
Mostafa Gaafar

async/await is the imperative version of the functional promise api, it doesn’t blow anything away and I’m a bit surprised this got featured on Node Weekly when most of your examples are misleading.

Lets go over some of them:

#2 You never need to mix try/catch and then/catch , if you are working with promises you only need to use then/catch . So here is the simplified version of the example:

#3 The reason you get a headache by looking at the code is because its badly structured, you should never need a deeper nesting than one level. Here is a simplified version:

#4 If you don’t like the promise api semantics you can always write your own utility functions, thats the beauty with functional programming:

#6 You can hardly blame the language if your text editor doesn’t support breakpoints in arrow functions and even so, no one is forcing you to use arrow functions with promises.