What Is Ayurveda And The Ayurvedic Diet?

Ayurvedic Doctor
Jul 23 · 2 min read

Many people, especially in the west are unaware of Ayurveda and the Ayurveda diet which is designed to completely balance the body — physically, mentally and emotionally.

Those who have heard of it (perhaps that’s why you are here reading this article) only get bits and pieces of the whole system.

To really learn the ancient techniques and secrets of Ayurveda one must not only practice the Ayurveda diet but also learn and apply Ayurveda dietetics or principles.

There are many principles but the main ones include eating wholesome, organic, non-processed and unrefined foods. It also involves eating specific super-foods and herbs that are good for you.

It is important to note that being on an Ayurvedic diet means eating the right quantity and quality of foods that are best for your unique personality or dosha type. Not all Indian food is Ayurveda food.

To help determine what foods and combination of foods are best for you the first step should be to find out your constitution by taking an Ayurvedic test.

Ayurveda stresses the importance of constitutional variety which means that every person is unique and different with respects to their body compositions, mind and emotions.

No two people are a like therefore the approach for healing, health and diet will be different for everyone.

These three doshas in Indian Sanskrit are called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which can be related to or translated as Air, Fire, and Water respectively.

Once you have taken a dosha test to determine your profile or constitution you can begin the diet immediately.

Understanding, knowing and eating the Ayurvedic way creates an arena for you to become healthier and to reap some extraordinary benefits for your wellness.

Your diet should also be incorporated with exercises and spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation.

Developing your spirituality is essential for real everlasting growth and change.

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