5 Startups In London To Watch This Year

London is one of the greatest cities in the world; buzzing with an astonishing amount of energy. An energy that has translated into a vibrant and productive atmosphere for startup companies. The city has a thriving economy, a diverse population, ample ways of finding investment capital, and creative shipping and transportation solutions.

This all makes London a pulsating hub of entrepreneurial activity and opportunity. No wonder so many innovative ventures have been founded here. And the trend continues. Startups like Togle, CityMapper, Blaze, RefMe, and Yoyo are blazing a trail and adding to the tradition of successful and innovative businesses popping out of London. Here are the reasons why these startups are so worthy of being added to that legacy.

Togle: 40-Minute Grocery Delivery

Togle is a 40-minute grocery delivery service that just launched out of Central London in June 2016. Currently the service is working with Whole Food and M&S to take food orders and deliver groceries to customers’ homes in 40 minutes or less. Basically, employees of this service go to the markets and shop for customers then delivery the grocery items to them.

According to Abyl Ikhsanov, one of service’s directors, their employees have been trained to pick the freshest produce, meats, grains, and other products found in a supermarket. The company will only have 20 employees initially to start-, but with the convenience of the service, they should see rapid growth and expansion. It’s a company that is truly designed to keep up with the fast paced lives of millennials.

CityMapper: More Than Just a Map

CityMapper is a ‘map app’ that goes a few steps further than other apps of the same kind. This Android-based app provides users with lots of useful information beyond providing just simple directions, alternative routes, and landmark locations. This app also provides info on traffic and weather conditions, toll booth locations and fees, and even how many calories its users burn while walking or jogging. The company received $10 million in investment capital initially, and only continued to expand in 2015 and 2016, adding more and more cities to the app.

Blaze: Setting the Lighting and Cycling Industries on Fire

Blaze is a company designed to keep bicyclists safe on the road. The company produces the Laserlight, which is a light that is mounted to bikes to project an electric green light image of the bike. This illuminated bike image is designed to give riders an easier way to be seen at night and drivers an easier way to see them.

The light is distributed by Evans Cycles and has received funding from Index Ventures and the Branson family. In the future, Blaze is looking to expand globally into Australia and the United States. Meaning that glowing green bikes may soon become a normal sight to see around the world.

RefME: A New Way to Look Things Up

Look out Google cause here comes RefME. This startup is looking to change the way people conduct research online, especially the way students conduct research for papers. The service already has over 500,000 users worldwide, and offer 7,000 different reference styles. What they do is collect book titles, article titles, item numbers, and more while the user conducts online searches using specific keywords. They use these user-conducted searches to create a reference list that can be used for a paper or a project.

Yoyo: A More Rewarding Way to Pay

Yoyo is doing their part to change the way people pay. This startup is a mobile payment app that simplifies the payment process and offers reward points to its users. Users can redeem reward points for gifts from retailers. These rewards will only grow in the future as the company grows nationally across the UK and globally to other countries. Currently the company is owned and operated by individuals who have worked with PayPal, Visa, Barclaycard, and Zopa.

These startups are all innovative companies to watch in the future as they grow in popularity and expand nationally and globally. However, they’re only a taste of what the startup scene in London has to offer.

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