Team Human: Our Last Best Hope for Peeps
douglas rushkoff

Hacking the Organization — on Purpose

Hi Douglas, I really resonate with the Team Human agenda (+ happy to discover another Fugazi fan out there (-:). I recently started working for Our purpose is to create legal, financial and social foundations for a new breed of for-purpose organizations. We call them Self-Organizing Enterprises (SOE). They are powered by Purpose Agents, that personally align with the purpose of the particular organization(s) they are joining. In order to distribute power, ownership and participation we use social technologies like Holacracy , Slicing Pie and other innovative frameworks and make them part of a set of inter-linked explicit agreements that are legally binding and anchored in local jurisdictions. An SOE deliberately differentiates the spheres of Organization (the work), Company (ownership & profits), and Association (the people and their matters).

Our goal is to guard the emerging distributed, self-organizing (“teal”) systems from individual power-holding and let purpose-fit be the overarching guideline for the organization and its people alike.

Intro Video (1:45 min):

That’s why we enable our Purpose Agents to maintain “polyamorous work-relationships” across several organizations they feel purpose-aligned with. We’re currently building a blockchain-based platform for Purpose Agents to keep track of their various commitments and to encode them in the form of smart contracts. We believe that this is the future of meaningful work.

If you think that would be interesting for the Team Human podcast show, we’ld love to have a conversation with you. We are also starting our own podcast show and it would be lovely to have you be a guest on ours as well. You can reach me under dennis [at]

PS: If you want to learn more about us, check out my article: “How to Work, Earn and Live on Purpose” (a 8 min read)