DTS Leech Analysis

A seedbox host that I consider to be among the most highly rated is DTS Leech. They have been providing excellent seedbox facilities for quite some time now and below in this article I have analyzed few of the features they provide to you.

Diverse Plans

DTS Leech is a seedbox host that provides you a diverse range of not only shared seedbox plans but also dedicated plans. For users in need of shared hosting they can opt for any of the 4 Budget DT plans or can even opt for any of the 3 Midrange DTM plans. If you want plans with high end features then you can go with any of the 4 High end DTP plans but remember that these will cost you more.

Customer Team

Contacting the DTS Leech team is relatively simple. The ticket system is quite efficient. Their response time is really good and they ensure your problem is solved. Apart from that you can look for solutions on their knowledge base page. Also check out their Q&A page in case you can’t find any answer. As far as customer services are concerned you will not have any complains since they are quite good.

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