Free Bike Share Bicycles are Available to South Carolina Cities That Want to Create a Bike Share Program

Conway, South Carolina — A Horry County, South Carolina-based, arts, cultural and liveability focused non-profit organization has 27 bike share bicycles and, they are willing to provide the bikes at no charge to a South Carolina municipality that wants to partner to create a bike share program.

The 27 used Worksman Cycles bike share bicycles were purchased in February 2017 as part of a funding initiative provided to Conway Cultural Development Corporation by the Waccamaw Community Foundation through their Knight Foundation donor-advised funding program for the purposes of creating a Cultural District in Conway, South Carolina.

Yet, the City of…

MYRTLE BEACH, SC — After sitting in disrepair for months, the land owners have decided to demolish the 2,700-seat Palace Theatre, rather than make the investments to repair the building. The property’s owner, Chapin Company, cites mildew damage to the interior as a result of weather exposure due to unrepaired large gaps in the exterior wall that occurred when Hurricane Matthew tore through the region in late September-early October of last year.

Rather than demolish the building, Chapin Company should take the time to explore their financial options for the sale, transfer or lease of the property in a public-private…

Dennis Stevens, Ed.D.

Founder & Managing Director at Conway Cultural Development Corporation; CEO/Researcher at Penelope Mimetics; Consultant at

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