My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

Try to get rid of the metaphor… it’s this metaphor that keeps you in the story that you are telling. Get rid of all what people are judging you for. I’m a tall man, and since my child hood kids where laughing with me. Now when that I’m grown up I feel that I often I scare people just with my being. One day somebody mentioned me why I walked around with my back curled and head faced down. It hit me at that moment that I was trying to compensate my physical form that I did not like whole my life. Since then I tried to just accept in what physical form I was walking this earth and that what others felt ( scared ) was not my responsibility. I don’t see the advantage of being tall, some of us do and some of us would die to be taller. Now I hear people saying that being black is a totally different ball game and is much more serious. It will become a discussion of who is worst off in this world, and who disserves the most compassion…. nobody is worse or better…. it’s all in our minds. The physical form is of no importance. Go inside your mind and seek the good or the purpose in what you are facing in life. Nobody is responsible of what is happening to you at this moment. Don’t point fingers to black or white. It’s only this way of thinking that makes you black. It’s your thinking process that captures the pattern that statistically more bad things ( whatever bad is ) happen to black people. Your thinking process is NOT who you are. Don’t let your thinking fool you. Your own thinking is the metaphorical devil. Go Beyond what you think and their you will find a new world where black and white does not exist. Of course things will still happen, and they happen for a reason… Love you all !

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